Who Are We?

At Jungle Cat Research our mission is to dedicate our resources to the restoration and preservation of near extinct populations of exotic jungle cats and other endangered species; to build new habitats while preserving existing habitats; engaging in noninvasive research that will prevent inbreeding and the loss of genetic vigor; and to providing and promoting public education and awareness about exotic and endangered animals, thus providing future generations a living legacy of wildlife.  We are located in just east of Conroe, Texas. 


Our vision is to create and operate a unique facility where we will be able to provide genetic research and breeding programs. We seek to share date gathered with other wildlife care management teams, as well as scholastic organizations and the general public through an interactive website and educational outreach programs.



What Do We Do?

Jungle Cat Research is about the CATS, first and foremost. Whatever we do, we do with the cats' safety and well-being in mind. We also take public safety very seriously by exceeding state and federal guidelines for security. We offer guided tours of our facility to the public, free of charge. However, secured donation boxes are located throughout the facility. We feel it is very important for people to see these majestic animals up close so that they will have a better understanding of them.


We are a 501 (C) (3) nonprofit charity organization. We are staffed entirely by volunteers with the exception of our animal care team. As a nonprofit organization, we are always looking for help. Of course monetary donations are always in need. We also need equipment, materials, and volunteers. For a more in-depth idea of what we need, please visit our Wish List pages.

A letter from our founder, Reginald "Lefty" Parr:

Dear Friends, Associates,

We thank you for the opportunity to introduce Jungle Cat Research and itís supporting family, and allowing us to enlighten you to our past, present, and future goals. Our purpose is to raise money to facilitate, and fund the development of genetic research, gene registry, sperm banking, and the many other necessary measures to protect and preserve the majestically endangered jungle cats of the world. Included in this package is information about our organization, update on building progress and other informative material for your perusal. 

Our research facility is striving to protect the existence of all exotic jungle cats of the world. We are a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization. In addition, we also plan for this facility to offer training, and educational programs for the scientific community as well as the general public. We are currently working towards implementing Art, English and Scientific scholarships in the schools nation wide, for the conservation, preservation, as well as the education of the endangered carnivores. Starting here in Montgomery County, Kingwood, and the Woodlands. We believe the future of these cats is in the hands of our children, and those who are committed to their preservation. 

As a non-profit organization, we rely on organizations and people in our community to help us fulfill this mission by contributing to our cause. In addition to enriching the lives of these jungle cats you will receive advertising exposure worldwide through our Jungle Cat Research website, as well as all contributions being tax deductible within the limits of the law. Donations will provide much needed materials for future labs, offices, clinics, enlarge and construct new habitats, nutritional foods, vaccinations, and education about the importance of preserving these majestic cats. 

Again thank you for your time and consideration to the Jungle Cat Research Facility. It is only through the kindness of others such as you and your organization, that the existence of these endangered cats can be persevered. The future of tomorrow depends on our selfless efforts today. 


Lefty Parr, Founder
Jungle Cat Research Restoration and Preservation

Read more about Lefty's plans for the big cats here.


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